Mail-in & Absentee Ballot Request for Each State

 Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent you have the right to make sure your voice is heard. Nobody should have to worry about the safety of their health to exercise that right. We have provided links below that will direct you to your state’s ballot...

6 Signs It’s Time to Retire

It can be difficult to figure out when you are truly ready to retire. Some people aim for a certain retirement age, perhaps 62 or 65, while others set a financial goal, such as $1 million in a retirement account. Read more...

Universal Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important resource as you build out a long-term financial strategy for you and your family. It provides your family with a monetary death benefit in the event you pass away. Read more...

Children’s life insurance policies have value

Life insurance for children is not something parents typically think about. But according to Sid Halpern, founder and CEO of Halpern & Associates in Independence and Moreland Hills, and Lee Nathans, account executive at Call Insurance Agency in Columbus, a life...


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