6 Social Security Rules You Should Know by Heart

There's an old joke about Social Security I wanted to tell -- but then I realized no one will get it. Social Security's long-term solvency may be the butt of a few jokes, but you can't question this: The federal retirement program is currently keeping nearly 15...

29 recession questions, answered

We recently asked the Yahoo Finance audience to submit questions about the coronavirus pandemic and the sharp recession it has suddenly caused. Here are answers to 29 of them: Read more...

Mark Cuban: ‘Capitalism will lift us up from where we are’

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and investor on “Shark Tank,” told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday that “capitalism is what’s going to save us” when we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Capitalism didn’t get us here. A virus did,”...

How much will I receive from the stimulus bill?

(CNN)Congress just passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill to address the growing economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Included are direct payments to many Americans. Individuals are eligible for up to $1,200 and couples would receive up to $2,400 -- plus...


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