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The Legacy Group, Inc. is a multigenerational ensemble. We serve as a guide, educator, and advocate throughout the entire financial planning process. As the trusted team our clients rely on, we help to navigate through life events that we plan for, and those that we pray never happen.

Why an Ensemble?

Like a group of musicians playing a piece of music together, we work as a team to help you meet your goals. We have been serving the community for over 25 years, and with our combined experience we work to identify and solve your unique financial planning needs.

Educators, Guides, and Advocates

As an educator we answer your questions and concerns. We help explain difficult situations to allow you to see them more clearly and translate the complicated financial world in which we live.

As a guide we work with you to map out the road to your retirement and financial goals, even when the path seems unclear. We assist with course corrections when “life happens” to get you back on the right path. As an advocate we are there when “life happens,” we are here to keep you focused on your goals. We act as your guardian, working with you to make the best decision for today and tomorrow.


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